International Convention on Quality Control Circles (ICQCC)

45th ICQCC

Physical and Virtual Participation and Case Study Presentation Management Procedure


  1. Title                 : Physical and Virtual Participation and Case Study Presentation Management Procedure
  2. Event : 45th International Convention on Quality Control Circles
  3. Objectives                 : The overall objective of this procedure is to ensure effective Case Study/Paper Presentation and participation of delegates. These changes in our products and services are introduced to ensure safety of the delegates.
  4. Scope : The whole of 45th ICQCC
  5. Instructions : Following instructions will be maintained.


Description of Activity/ Tasks Responsibility Remarks
1 General    
1.1 Since the convention has been scheduled to be held from 01 to 03 December 2020, we expect that situation close to normalcy will prevail at that time. Flights all over the World will be open. Delegates are encouraged to participate physically by being present in Dhaka, Bangladesh. CCM
1.1 BSTQM has established understanding with the Government of Bangladesh and several IT companies who will assist in implementing ICQCC-2020. Convener,

IT Team

1.2 There will be following provision of participation and presentation of case studies during ICQCC-2020:

a.      By being physically present at Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel


b.      Virtual Participation and Presentation of Case Studies through any one of the following means.

i.                    Teams will be given a link to join on line and present their case study live.

ii.                  QCC/Team can send a recorded video within allowed time limit which will be transmitted online according to schedule.





1.3 All presentations of all streams (physical & virtual) will be transmitted for viewing and participation all over the world following appropriate means. IT Team
1.4 Secretariat will try to arrange uninterruptible network connections. Convener, IT Team
1.5 All activities will be according to Bangladesh standard Time (BST) which is+6hrs GMT. Virtually participating delegates must adjust according to BST. IT Team
2 Presentations    
2.1 Registered delegates will be provided Network link, ID and password so that they can watch and participate in any stream any time according to their choice. IT Team
2.2 There will be provision for both Physical and Virtual presentation of case studies/ papers/ speeches/ in a particular stream. Convener
2.3 For virtual presentation the participants need to mention it separately. Respective Delegate
2.4 Likewise opening ceremony, cultural events, closing ceremony etc will be held physically with provision for contributing virtually. These common sessions will be transmitted for delegates to view and participate all over the world. Respective delegate,

IT Team

2.5 Each Stream will be accommodated in separate seminar halls of the Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel. Venue Arrangement Committee
2.6 At least three Judges, Time keeper, Stream Manager and an IT Expert will be present in each stream. Convener
2.7 Following the time schedule a team will present their case study by being physically present or virtually from their work place or home at the prescribed time slot. The IT Expert will be in communication with the Team to make time adjustments. Delegates, Stream Manager, Judges
2.8 There will be a trial session for interested delegates presenting virtually few days before the convention to ensure that delegates can join the network conveniently. Delegate,

IT Committee

2.9 For virtual presentation team may gather at a place in their own country which may be their workplace/ office. In such case the Team must follow Health Guidelines like wearing mask and social distancing. The Team may attach a camera to cover the Team and Visual Display.

Alternately, the Team Members may stay at different locations and each member can join the network virtually. The process will be like that of a physical presentation but doing from their own location.

Delegates, CCM
3 Participation Fees:    
3.1 For Delegates Participating Physically by being present at Pan Pacific Sonagaon Hotel (observer or QCC/ Team Member) US$ 550 per delegate
3.2 For Participation Virtually by Teams/QCC US$ 1,000 per presentation (maximum ten members in a QCC/team for one case study presentation only)
3.3 Observer Delegates Participating virtually (not making a presentation) US$ 200 per delegate
3.4 Payment Payable in favour of “Bangladesh Society for Total Quality Management.”

Account Number: 12731080045248,
Prime Bank Limited,
Satmasjid Road Branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

4 Evaluation    
4.1 All presentations, virtual and physical will have same allocation of time and evaluation system. There will be a question & answer session at the end of presentation as usual. Stream Manager  
4.2 Evaluation sheet (with marks) will be sent through e-mail to the Team Leader and concerned CCM through e-mail. Effort will be made to send it within 30 minutes after the completion of presentation. Convener
4.3 All Team members taking part in the presentation will be given

(a)     a certificate for each delegate/participant under his/her name,

(b)    a certificate for the Team/QCC for participation and presentation and

(c)    A crest/memento for the group.

For virtual presenters, these will be sent to the address of the Team Leader through DHL/FedEx.

Stream Manager,

IT Team

4.4 There will be provision for delegates to evaluate the convention. A format will be circulated among all registered delegates. Those who are present physically will drop it at appropriate boxes in the venue. Those participating virtually my send it directly to the Evaluation Committee through e-mail. Delegates,

Technical Committee

5 Improvement    
5.1 This procedure will be reviewed from time to time based on the comments of CCM and convenience of delegates. Convener
5.2 Modifications will be made for improvements. Convener



(Sk.Nizam Uddin Ahmed)


Circulation: All CCM