International Convention on Quality Control Circles (ICQCC)

45th ICQCC

Health, Safety & Security Procedure

  1. Title : Safety & Security Procedure
  2. Event :45th International Convention on Quality Control Circles
  3. Objectives : The overall objectives of this procedure are to ensure a safe and secured convention. BSTQM have been making changes in its products and services to ensure delegates safety.
  4. Scope : the whole of 45th ICQCC
  5. Instructions : Following instructions will be maintained.


Description of Activity/ Tasks Responsibility Remarks
1 Arrangements at Venue Venue Arrangement Committee  
1.1 Registration Counters Venue Arrangement Committee
1.2 Seminar Rooms (one room for each stream) Venue Arrangement Committee
1.3 Medical assistance corner at a safe distance at the venue with full time presence f a doctor and a Nurse shall be maintained. Venue Arrangement Committee  & Medical Team Medical Team: Mrs. Priti Chakraborty, Chairman, Universal Medical College & Horpital, Doctor Asihiq Chakroborty, Doctor Raghib
1.4 Liaison with Universal Medical College & Hospital for all medical assistance will be maintained. Medical Team
1.5 Location Arrangement for different facilities Venue Arrangement Committee
1.6 Seating arrangements in all halls, dining hall and queue at the registration counter must maintain adequate social distance, wearing musk and gloves. Reception Committee
1.7 A HELP Desk/ Emergency desk Reception Committee
1.8 A desk for 46th Convention. Reception Committee
1.9 Arrangement for free pure drinking water in all seminar rooms. Reception Committee
1.10 All Tables, Chairs and audio-visual aids will be sanitized at least twice every day once before 8 am and 2nd time between 1 and 2 pm. Medical Team
1.11 One full equipped ambulance will be maintained at the venue to handle any emergency situation Medical Team
2 Registration Registration Committee  
2.1 Physical Registration: Among other things Kit shall include souvenir, program schedule, a convention vest/ganjee/polo shirt  with convention logo printed on it, a pack of chanachur, a face mask, hand gloves and a bottle of sanitizer. Registration Committee
2.2 All physically present delegates must declare at the Registration Counter if they are suffering from Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, asthma or respiratory problems, Kidney diseases etc. Registration Committee
2.3 A list of volunteers and emergency staff with their cell number will be provided. Registration Committee
2.4 Virtual Presenters and participants will be sent brochure, program and all other documents through e-mail. Registration Committee
3 Entrance at the Venue    
3.1 All entry and exit will be allowed and controlled through main entrance of Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel. Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel
3.2 Provision of security check (as usual) Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel
3.3 Wearing Face Mask is mandatory for anyone entering the Hotel. Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel
3.4 Wearing Hand gloves is mandatory for all inside the venue. Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel
3.5 Sanitizing hand at the entrance is mandatory for all Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel
3.6 Sanitizing bottom of shoe is mandatory for all at the entrance. Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel
3.7 Temperature of all entrants will be measured. Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel
4 Meals & Refreshments    
4.1 Meals and Refreshments will be served with staggering time to avoid congestion. Social distancing shall be maintained under all circumstances. Refreshment Committee
4.2 Waiting lines will be marked to maintain social distancing Venue Arrangement Committee
5 Presentations    
5.1 Physical Presentations: Nobody will be allowed to violet Health Guidelines of wearing face masks, hand gloves, sanitization and social distancing. Program Management Committee
5.2 Virtual Presentations: 5 marks shall be allocated for maintaining Health Rules & Social Distancing. Judges of the concerned stream
5.3 Virtual Presentations: If anyone in the Team is sick must use a separate terminal from a separate location/ room. Judges of the concerned stream
6 Sick/ illness    
6.1 Anyone feeling uncomfortable or sick/ ill must inform emergency team or Medical Team or Reception Committee. Medical Team
6.2 Concern person will immediately inform the Medical Team. A doctor will speak with him/her over phone. The doctor will visit the patient following full adherence to safety measures. If necessary the patient will be shifted to Universal Medical College Hospital. Medical care will be ensured to the patient. Medical Team
6.3 Concerned CCM/ country head of delegate will be informed about sick person. Medical Team
6.4 If felt relevant next of kin( of the sick person) will be informed. Medical Team
7 Improvement    
7.1 Adherence to Health, safety rules will be monitored by the Medial Team in different halls from time to time. An one see in violation of rules will be advised accordingly. Medical Team
7.1 Effectiveness of these instructions will be reviewed and evaluated from time to time. Convener
7.2 If necessary it will be improved Convener


(Sk.Nizam Uddin Ahmed)


Circulation: All CCM